Let's face it — the world is getting more and more chaotic, and so is your life. 

I get it. I've been there.

You are busy. Overwhelmed. Frustrated. 

  Want to stop the madness, but don't know how?  

Tame the Chaos Membership Community

with Tammy Mastroberte  

Do any of these sound like you?

  • Your to-do list is a mile long
  • You feel overwhelmed A LOT of the time
  • You would like to meditate, but . . . Ha!
  • Life keeps dumping more on you each day
  • Calling in sick is the only way you know how to press the pause button on it all and recharge

What if I told you there was a way out of the chaos? 

What if you could find relief using methods that take only minutes?  

Well you can because I've done it for myself . . . and I can teach you, too!

Welcome to the Tame the Chaos MEMBERSHIP with Tammy Mastroberte 

Join me and a supportive community of others who are taming the chaos and plugging into Spirit just like you! 

BONUS: As a member, you get FREE classes throughout the year! These classes are often valued at $100 each!


Here Is What You Will Find Inside the Exclusive Community:

EVERY MONTH: LIVE Video Masterclasses with Tammy Mastroberte

  • Join me LIVE every month to learn how to tame the chaos and connect to Spirit (no matter what life throws at you). 
  • The classes are LIVE so you can ask questions, and replays will be accessible in the membership area online.

QUARTERLY: LIVE Video/Audio Classes, and Psychic Readings for Members 

  • I bring in experts to offer members live mediumship readings, psychic readings and more to help you on your spiritual path. 
  • Ask questions live and the replays will be available in the membership area.

 Guided Meditation Library  

  • Unlimited access to my guided meditation library (with new meditations added often). 
  • Some of the options include quick 3-minute meditations to help you on-the-go; an evening relaxation meditation; my sought after morning prayer mediation to open you to signs from loved ones; and so much more!

Private Facebook Group 

  • The first Sunday of every month, I do a Facebook Live Q&A and Member Oracle Card Reading! This is a private hub for members to come and get support on their spiritual journey from me and other members. 
  • I will be active in the group taking questions, doing Facebook Live sessions and sharing what I’m working on in my own life!

Tammy's 4-Week
"The Universe is Talking to You" Masterclass
(Book Sold Separately)

  • Learn to uncover and understand signs and synchronicity from the Universe, your angels, guides AND loved ones on the other side! This is a four-week course based on Tammy's bestselling book "The Universe is Talking to You: Tap Into Signs & Synchronicity to Reveal Magical Moments Every Day."

Tammy's Masterclasses
Coming Up in 2021
(Many include Live Meditations,
Exercises and Worksheets:)

* August 2021
Group Coaching on Getting Unstuck

* September 2021
5-Day Spiritual Reboot (A week of 1-hour live classes)

I'll support you every step of the way as you tame the chaos in your life with:

* LIVE group access to me TWICE each month where you will discover the best strategies for your busy life.

*Direct access to me in a Private Facebook Group, where I'm sharing how I tame the chaos in my own life!

*Stay connected and focused in a community of like-minded chaos tamers!

How to stay grounded and centered in the middle of the storm:

  • Strategies that take only minutes to do
  • How to start and end your day
  • Easily add in gratitude 
  • Easy changes to your environment that can help

Tools made for your busy life that are short on time, but BIG on results!

  • Processes that take between 60 seconds and three minutes to shift you (backed by science)
  • Methods that can be worked into even the busiest day to boost your mood, vibration and spiritual connection

What Members Are Saying:

“I LOVE being a part of your community… I’ve joined others in the past, but feel SO SO comfortable with you & your group.  You make me laugh.. You’re so real and grounded.”

~ Marian Massaro

"I am so happy that I am having a breakthrough with my spiritual connection. Last night I dreamed my grandfather John called, who passed away 32 years ago, and he told me he and my grandma were coming to visit and asked when I was moving. I held the phone out crying with joy and awe that I was talking to him, and woke up the same way. We ARE moving in April and this was the most powerful, real-life dream in ages. I am so thankful that I was led to you and this group. I am feeling more alive and my true self again!"

~ Tairi Lamb

"All my life I've been a seeker, am sensitive and deeply spiritual. Recently having a great deal of upheaval and change in my life left me feeling I'd lost my sense of purpose. I love all the different areas of spirituality Tammy touches on and I have learned so much! I love the live classes as you can be interactive with both Tammy & the guest speakers. It is awesome to be able to get an immediate answer to any question you have! There are many guided meditations that Tammy has shared that I now use daily. These teachings have all been so helpful...I'm finding a sense of peace & connection again."  

~ Claudia Azzarelli

"My life is chaotic with two kids and working full-time, but Tammy breaks things down into smaller steps that make the teachings and tools easy and quick to do, and they produce big results. I look forward to every live call and the monthly Facebook Live readings. I feel more connected to Source/Spirit in my every day life. I am finding more peace no matter what happens around me, and I feel I am finally making progress on my spiritual path. I feel like I found my spiritual home.”  

~ Gina Prado

"I have started my days with [your morning] prayer. Everyday I am aware that I am not alone. I am learning to trust the universe. There are too many miracles to list. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Such powerful insights, I am so grateful to you."

~ Danell P.

"I called in the guides like you said. I didn't know what to ask for so I used the problem I was having in the moment - money! I have been laid up for 1 year battling MS recovery and have run out of finances. In a recent meditation I was told I'd be laid up until July. How would I continue? After asking for help, all the money I needed for the next 2 months appeared in less than three hours! Thank you!"

~ Susan B.



To get you started, this 4-Week Mini-Course will help you to starting taming the chaos in your life and connecting to Spirit from the very first video! 

This Course Will: 

  • Teach you the power of 60-second "connection" breaks
  • Share a powerful way to start and end each day
  • Teach you a process to put an end to worry
  • Help you add gratitude into your busy life
  • PLUS: A Tame the Chaos Workbook PDF

Guided Meditations Library
(Retail Value: $150) Yours FREE!  

All in mp3 format:

  • 12-Minute Gratitude Meditation 
  • Calling In Abundance Meditation  
  • Reconnection Meditation by Tammy Mastroberte
  • “I AM Affirmations Meditation (PDF) 
  • I CAN Affirmations Meditation
  • 3-Minute Release Meditation
  • 3-Minute Connection Mantra Meditation
  • Letting Go Meditation
  • Melting Fear & Anxiety Meditation
  • Tammy's Morning Prayer Meditation
  •  Guided Evening Relaxation Meditation
  • Healing Inflammation Meditation
  • Surrender Meditation
  • Relationship Repair Meditation

Tammy’s Masterclasses
(Retail Value: $397) Yours FREE!  

  • Tammy’s Masterclass “Relationship Repair & Attracting New People” (Video & mp3)
  • Tammy's Masterclass "How to Handle Unexpected Challenges" (Video & mp3)
  • Tammy’s Masterclass “Protecting & Clearing Your Aura” (Video & mp3)
  • Tammy's Masterclass "Morning Routine Class" (Video & mp3)

13 Back Issues of Elevated Existence Magazine
(Retail Value: $65) Yours FREE!  

  • March 2017 Issue with John Gray
  • June 2017 Issue with Mike Dooley
  • September 2017 with Latham Thomas
  • December 2017 with Cheryl Richardson
  • March 2018 with John Holland
  • June 2018 Issue with Joe Vitale
  • September 2018 with Colette Baron-Reid
  • December 2018 Issue with Danielle MacKinnon
  • March 2019 Issue with Radleigh Valentine
  • Summer 2019 Issue with Hal Elrod
  • Fall 2019 Issue with Gabrielle Bernstein
  • Winter 2020 Issue with Kyle Gray

Join the Community for only $29 a Month (Less than $1 a day)! 

Plus you get immediate access to $709 worth of bonuses!

“You talked about how deceased loves ones can contact you through signs … I followed your instructions and that same day received three different signs from my daughter who passed almost 3 years ago. Words cannot describe my feelings. I'm grateful for the information I received from you and look forward to more.” 

~Richard S.

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About Me

My own spiritual journey began like so many of you — after a tragedy that brought me to my knees. I was 22 years old when my mother died suddenly of a brain aneurysm only three days after Christmas in 1999.  

But chaos was wreaking havoc in my life way before that. I mistakenly tried to tame it in unhealthy ways, but after my mother's death — and a visit to a medium — my entire outlook on life and how I dealt with it begain to change.

I started on a new spiritual path, and discovered ways to connect with Spirit and find my center even when life continued to throw the unexpected at me and chaos inevitably landed in my lap.

Now, I'm dedicated to helping others tame the chaos in their own lives so they can find and feel the spiritual connection that is always there — even in the midst of the storm. 

I'm also the author of the new book, "The Universe is Talking to You: Tap Into Signs & Synchronicity to Reveal Magical Moments Every Day."