Video Masterclass 

How to Raise Your (& Your Environment's) Vibration to Manifest More!  

(Even If You've Tried Before and are Surrounded by Negativity!)

With Tammy Mastroberte

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Are you frustrated because you keep manifesting things you don’t want?  

Are you tired of feeling stressed and disappointed with the current circumstances in your life?  

Would you like 2020 to be happier and more abundant than 2019? 

Want me to let you in a simple secret to fix it?  

O.K. good! Here it is . . . creating what you desire in your life is really all about one thing . . . Your Vibration!  

And that’s GOOD news! Why?  

Because you are 100 percent in control of your vibration!  

In this Video Masterclass, I will teach you how to not only RAISE your vibration, but to MAINTAIN it so you can become a magnet for all that is GOOD in life.  

YES! I Want To Raise My Vibes!

Tammy's 3-Step Process to Boost Your Vibes in 3 Minutes or Less:

Whether you are trying to heal your body . . .  

Want to create more money and better relationships . . .  

Or want to connect to the signs and guidance the Universe (& loved ones) send . . .  

You need to master your vibration!

Retail Value: $97 Now Only $39! 

YES! I Want to Raise My Vibes!

In This Powerful LIVE Video Masterclass, You Will Discover:

5 Easy Ways to Raise Your Vibration —Anywhere and at Any Time  

4 Ways to Instantly Shift & Boost the Vibes in Your Environment to Help YOUR Vibes


A LIVE Guided "Release & Elevate" Meditation/Visualization During Class

  PLUS 2 BONUSES! You will get my "3-Minute Reconnection Meditation" mp3 to Boost Your Vibes FAST and a PDF Guide too!

Here is what students are saying:

"Your teachings are soooo helpful! They have changed my life, and I'm incredibly thankful! - Patricia S.  

"I took Tammy's raise your vibration class, and also her class on manifesting in the new year, and I manifested everything I planned in 2019 except one thing. That has never happened before. Thank you so much!" - Donna B. 

"Taking your classes is like hanging out with a friend! You are so relatable, and you explain things and break them down into easy steps that make everything doable! This vibration class has helped me so much, and I'm starting to see wonderful things flow into my life. Thank you!” - Sandy R.  


Tragedy hit my life at age 22 when my mother died suddenly of a brain aneurysm, only 3 days after Christmas in 1999. It sent me on a path to discover how the Universe works!

I discovered the Universe, our angels, guides and loved ones on the other side are always talking to us through signs and synchronicities to help us on our path in this lifetime, that we have the ability to heal our minds and bodies, and we get to co-create the circumstances of our lives with Spirit!

And all of that starts with your vibration. It deteremines everything you see and allow to flow into your life! It's the magnet that brings the right people, opportunities and ideas you need to draw in all you desire. 

Let me help you master it!

Retail Value: $97 Now Only $39!