Do you desire positive changes but struggle to manifest it?

Want to feel confident in decisions because you have access to the answers you need?


Get ready to manifest, solve problems and make decisions with less stress and struggle and more ease and joy!

The secret is to stop trying so hard and put the Universe in charge!

Discover Tammy's 4-Step method to partner with the Universe and create even more than you ever dreamed possible. You will get access to all the tools you need broken down by life area that take only minutes each day. 

In this book, you will discover:

  • Why your manifesting isn’t working
  • A simple, 4-step method to create change, solve problems and make the right decisions
  • How to get clear on what you want (and what to AVOID!)
  • How to ask the Universe for help
  • Tips to notice the answers the Universe sends
  • Easy exercises and meditations to shift your energy and stay aligned
  • The exact tools you need for effortless manifestation (It’s all in the book!)
  • Customized prayers, rituals and more by specific life area, including money, career, health, relationships, parenting and more

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Bonus #1:


2-Part LIVE Video Masterclass

The Higher Help Method
2-Part LIVE Video Masterclass
with Tammy
May 7 & 16, 2024 — replays included!
(Retail Value: $197)

Join Tammy LIVE for two classes walking you through the 4-step Higher Help Method!

You will experience live meditations and exercises from the book, and discover exactly how to start using the method and the tools in your life to create more than you ever dreamed possible!

Each class will also have a Q&A portion where Tammy will help you apply the teachings and tools to your unique life situations.

Bonus #2:

Clearing and Opening Intuition Meditation

In order for us to partner with the Universe and allow it to guide us forward, we have to be open to the answers and signs it sends.

This meditation calls in the archangels to work on your chakra system and clear and open your intuition to make it easier to notice these messages.

Bonus #3:

Spiritual Tools from the Masters Package

I've teamed up with some of my favorite experts to offer you the below bonuses when you pre-order "The Higher Help Method."

Free Guided Energy Clearing to Release the No. 1 Block Everyone Has with Amy B. Scher

Use bestselling author and energy therapist Amy B. Scher's The Sweep Technique to overcome a major subconscious obstacle to healing and happiness.

The Train Your Brain Formula for Quieting Your Inner Critic with Dana Wilde

Access this mini course from manifestation master Dana Wilde to understand how your brain works and how to shift your negative inner dialog, including videos, audios and PDFs!

Akashic Light Meditations with Linda Howe

Access 3 Akashic Light Meditations shared by Dr. Linda Howe from her book “The Heart of the Akashic Records Revealed: A Comprehensive Guide to the Teachings of the Pathway Prayer Process," and also includes her Activating Perpetual Akashic Manifesting audio recording.

Meet Your Higher Self with Marilyn Alauria

Embark on a transformative journey to meet your Higher Self, transcending physical limits. This enlightening video helps you embrace gifts, live dreams, and bridge aspirations to reality.

Energy Clearing Process to Stabilize Mood, Clear Anger & Boost Energy with Amy Leigh Mercree

As a medical intuitive for 23 years, Amy noticed the most common place people stuff their repressed anger is in the deep interior of the solar plexus chakra. In this exercise, you will release that denser energy and free up space for lighter energy of strength and confidence.

Mini Intro to EFT Tapping with Joan Ranquet

EFT is a healing method that quiets the nervous system, spurs emotional healing, helps shift behavior, lessens performance anxiety, and helps alleviate physical pain. Discover this technique and the tapping points (for yourself and your animals) with this free mini masterclass by animal communicator and healer Joan Ranquet!

Column of Light Visualization with Lisa Barnett

Connect to your Akashic Masters with this simple meditation. Connecting through your heart to Source & the Akasha to activate your pineal glands, your master gland, for greater access to divine wisdom; bridge Heaven and Earth as you connect Divine energy with Earth energy in your body, and open your heart to divine love.

Prosperity Sound Bath mp3 and Video with Jeffrey Gignac

Immerse yourself in a world of abundance and peace, say goodbye to the crippling “lack energy” that’s been holding you back, and welcome a new transformative influx of “Abundance Energy,” into your life.

Dr. Karen Kan’s Sensitive Soul Rescue Remedy

Healing audio MP3 and video MP4 downloads to go from feeling overwhelmed, overstimulated, & oversensitive to feeling calm, connected, & centered. Ground yourself with healing energy, balance your spiritual gifts & awareness, and dial down your sensitivity & reactivity.

Praise for Tammy Mastroberte and
The Higher Help Method

"Supercharge your manifestation by tapping into support that’s available to us all. In The Higher Help MethodTammy teaches a brand new way to solve problems and get the results you desire, with less stress and more ease."
Shannon Kaiser, author of "Return to you: 11 Spiritual Lessons for Unshakable Inner Peace"

"My dear friend Tammy Mastroberte’s new book The Higher Help Method is a game changer for your manifestation process. This book is a personal and transformative guide on how to co-create with the Universe, breaking free from past limitations. It's a brand new approach to manifesting that has rekindled my sense of wonder and potential. If you're ready for a profound shift in your life and a partnership with the Universe, The Higher Help Method is the way. Dive into its pages and embark on a journey to unlock the life you've always dreamed of.”"
Dee Wallace, actress, speaker and author of "Conscious Creation"

"If you are looking for a new, easier way to create the life you desire, The Higher Help Method is your answer. Tammy’s method puts the Universe in charge so it can lead you to remarkable results beyond what you believe is possible"
Amy Leigh Mercree, medical intuitive and bestselling author of "Aura Alchemy: Learn to Sense Energy Fields, Interpret the Color Spectrum, and Manifest Success"

"Get ready to move from struggle and frustration to incredible manifestation when you follow the process outlined in The Higher Help Method. Tammy takes the stress and burden out of the process of creating positive change with simple tools that invoke the help of the Universe and use its powerful energy. Co-creation has never been this fun."
George Lizos, spiritual teacher, psychic healer and #1 bestselling author of "Protect Your Light and Secrets of Greek Mysticism"

"Tammy is a fresh voice to listen to."
Colette Baron-Reid, bestselling author of “The Map,” and “The Oracle Card Journal”

"If you are ready for life to become more magical, joyful and meaningful, Tammy Mastroberte and her teachings will show you how."
Saje Dyer, Bestselling Author of “The Knowing”

"Tammy Mastroberte is the real deal."
Joe Vitale, bestselling author of “The Awakened Millionaire,” and star of the hit movie The Secret

"Tammy Mastroberte is authentic, down-to-earth, and most importantly, what she teaches works!"

Karen Noe, psychic medium, bestselling author of “We Consciousness: 33 Profound Truths for Inner and Outer Peace”

Receive access to Tammy’s The Higher Help Method 2-Part LIVE Video Masterclass starting May 7, 2024 , her Clearing & Opening Intuition Meditation, and the Spiritual Tools from the Masters Package!

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Tammy Mastroberte is a spiritual teacher and award-winning author of The Universe is Talking to You.” Through her membership program, classes and books, she helps everyday spiritual seekers plug into the energy of the Universe, access it’s help and guidance, and learn to identify the signs and synchronicities around them. Tammy has been featured in mindbodygreen, Parade, Aspire Magazine and Thrive Global, and can be heard on OmTimes Radio, Unity Radio and iHeart Radio. She lives in New Jersey with her husband, stepson, cats and goats.

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